Capetown, South Africa.


We started our month in South Africa in Capetown, renting a penthouse villa with an infinity overlooking the ocean.

The first evening, we hit the main strip of town for cosmopolitan cocktails and a seafood dinner at one of the local restaurants.  We awoke the next day to a brilliant clear, sunny morning, and quickly made a decision to make the most of Capetown’s unpredictable (often referred to as “English”) weather and head up Table mountain.

After an easy peasy climb…

Ok, after a quick trip in the cable car, we were greeted by crystal clear views for miles around. You ccould see the whole of Cape Town and Robin’s Island from the peak. The rest of the afternoon was spent sunbathing and dipping in the pool.

The next day we made our way down to the V&A Waterfront, where us girls indulged in some shopping and the boys checked out the sneakers and gadgets.

We leisurely strolled around the mall looking at nearly every shop, and then made our way outside to have a walk around the harbor. We ended up in an Irish bar for a pub lunch and a beer as (quite thankfully) we were told we didn’t qualify for the free coffee on offer…

In the evening, we heard some of C’s school friends were in the area, so we invited them over for a braai (that’s a BBQ to us brits), where I got to try Ostrich for the first time – which for some reason I had assumed (to everyone’s amusement) would be like chicken?!

Well it’s definitely not. Cut thin, and rolled up with a centre of feta and herbs and grilled on the braai, it was delicious. We had also done marinated chicken, grilled halloumi, some disastrous ribs (turned out to be lamb and immediately caught fire because of the fat) and to the others bewilderment I had offered up a greek style salad.

Apparently salads are not a general staple of a good braai. We had a good afternoon and evening of poolside laughs and food. In the evening the Capetown wind started to pick up and I was thankful to myself for having packed a jumper.

Our second day was a colder morning though we had assumed it would heat up. The mountain was covered with a tablecloth of mist and we were quite relieved we had made the quick decision to go the day before when it was clear.

Between us we had decided to make our way over to Blouberg to a quirky bar C had been to before. We arrived to a misty and rather chilly beach. The bar was a  little place with a surf theme, where the outside tables hung over pools of water and the benches were full sized surfboards.

Shells were strung up from the wooden beams and the waitress painted our faces with tiny white flowers. Too cold to dip our feet but determined to not let our spirits dampen, we ordered flatbread and dips and a round of cocktails.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t improve, but Moyo’s bar would have been fantastic on a hot day. The unisex toilets were covered in mosaics of stone and colored glass, the staff were friendly, the cocktails were good, and apparently there is also an indoor pool/bar section.

At one point the mist cleared enough for a nice view of the mountain but this was short lived. C told me there was a shipwreck off the coast that you could usually see but the mist had shrouded it from view.

Following another dinner of braai food, a good sleep and breakfast on the balcony, we drove to Fish hoek on our final day via Chapman’s peak with some utterly gorgeous views – and then on to Boulders bay.

Chapmans peak – breath taking but not a drive for the faint hearted or those not fond of heights!

Upon arriving in Fish hoek, we found our way down to the harbor for a lunch of oysters, mussels and chips. We then headed to Boulders Bay to see the only place in Africa where penguins nest. The reason for this is the temperature of the sea, which is literally freezing so wasn’t on my list of places to go for a quick dip!

It was a short lived venture, though great to see, it only really took 10 minutes or so to walk up and down the wooden walk ways and have a look. I didn’t find out until months after we got home that you can actually pay extra to go on the beach with the penguins, needless to say I was devastated!

On our way back to Camps Bay, we stopped at the Cape to Cuba bar which I instantly fell in love with! It had a relaxed island sort of vibe, the floor was covered in sand, the walls were brightly colored with mismatched furniture and a rope swing in the restaurant.

Outside were shisha pipe areas, and a bar with a stone pizza oven. We ordered a round of bright blue and red cocktails, some handmade stone baked pizzas and sat back and enjoyed the sun which had finally made an appearance.

We still had the last rays of the evening and the next morning to lounge by the pool before it was time to pack.

All too soon we were back on the plane, Johannesburg bound to meet up with the rest of the family…

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