15 Girl truths about travelling in Asia.

I’m still working on my post for Cambodia but here’s a little light reading for you…

  1. You will have a new appreciation for bum guns. You might have thought them strange at first, if you knew what they were at all. If you didn’t know and are about to embark on your travels then you will soon find out!
  2.  Get used to having dirty, shredded up feet. Especially if you’re spending time on the beaches. Pedicures and nice nail varnish go out the window as the sand will scrub it all off in a matter of days.
  3.  You can get the comfiest flip flops in the world and you will still get horrendous blisters. For the first time in your life, crocs may suddenly become appealing.
  4.  You may not wash your hair for several days at a time. You will be rocking a lot of messy bun styles.
  5. Get used to cold showers. You will also probably get less bothered about or just forget to shave your legs because there are other things you could be doing.
  6.  You will become more comfortable with your natural face. Make-up becomes a bit of a chore when you’re more or less constantly hot/sweaty/tired/hungover. Besides, it can get so humid that shit will just run off your face.
  7. If you’re a brit, your life mission may just become finding a decent cuppa. Even if it’s too hot. Simple comforts such as that will be missed more than you will first anticipate.
  8. You’ll end drinking loads of beer (even if you’re not a beer drinker) because it’s so cheap and then you’ll suddenly look in the mirror and realise you look pregnant. Wonderful.
  9.  But no matter how much you say you will, the motivation to even do a few jumping jacks or crunches becomes very hard to find.
  10. Get used to being more up close and personal with nature than you would be at home. You may ending up sharing a room with a variety of critters such as ants, cockroaches, lizards and frogs.
  11. A new found love for afternoon naps. Because you can.
  12.  You will sweat from parts of your body that have never sweated before. Elbow sweat? Upper lip sweat? Ankle sweat? Knee sweat?!
  13. If you have pale skin/blonde hair/blue eyes random people will want to take photos of you or with you. Some won’t ask.
  14. At times, fashion sense will go out the window. The colours may clash, the patterns may induce migraines but dear lord they are comfy and breezy as hell and that will be priority #1
  15. If you’re travelling with a friend, make a pact to just not give a shit. You’re about to see a whole new side of each other!

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