Partying in Pub Street, Siem Reap – Cambodia


If you’re looking for nightlife in Siem Reap, then the most popular place to find it is in the aptly named Pub Street…

 Pub street.

Pub street is filled with restaurants, bars, and clubs. By day there is nothing much special about it. By night, the whole street lights up and music blares loudly over the chatter of the tightly knitted crowds. People sandwiched on the club dance floors spill out onto the street to dance.

One of the biggest, loudest clubs and most popular clubs on Pub Street is the Angkor Wat? bar…



Other popular bars to check out in Pub Street are places like the Red Piano where we had a few beers and listened to a fantastic live band, and the Beatles themed bar called Yellow Submarine (which unfortunately was temporarily closed when I was there!)


Every inch of Angkor Wat? seems to be covered in scribbles from backpackers that have been chugging cheap beer there since the late 90’s.

Across the road is their rival, the Temple Bar. Early in the evening, you can play a game of pool upstairs and they often have a traditional dance show on



But it gets much more lively later on in the evening with the downstairs turning into a club battling for tourists with their competition. They happen to do pretty cool cocktails there, whereas Angkor Wat? is more cheap and cheerful.

Take a wander down Pub Street for a late-night snack to soak up all that alcohol, such as some crunchy fried crickets or cockroaches…


What other nightlife spots in Siem Reap do you like?

3 Replies to “Partying in Pub Street, Siem Reap – Cambodia”

  1. When I arrived first time in Cambodia, I was a bit shocked. Then I got a bus ride from PhnomPenh to Siemreap and I almost bursted into tears. I didn’t really like it but I would want to give it another chance.
    Safe travels!

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  2. Ahh loved it!
    … The post that is, not the unknown substances that splash up the back of your legs!
    It’s so hard how places can totally disgust and amaze you at the same time. Can’t wait to read about all of your adventures over there :-* xo

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