7 free things to do in Paris in the summer

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Watch artists paint, browse through the little stalls that line the river selling vintage posters and books, sunbathe and relax on the strip of manmade beach and watch the world go by.


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See this famous building in a different light. Watch street artists preform outside – fire dancers, jugglers, mimes, hip hop dancers. It’s different every night. During the day, entry is also free.


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The next neighbourhood over from The Moulin Rouge. Scenes from Hollywood action film “3 days to kill” were filmed against the backdrop of these little pastel houses.


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Walk up the plethora of steps to the church, where you can take in an amazing view similar to that from the eiffel tower but without the queues or the price. The interior of the church is also very pleasant and free to visitors.



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Sit and soak in the colourful art and eccentric characters outside Centre Pompidou.


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The Louvre is free to visitors on the first Sunday of every month. Marvel at the corridors of renaissance paintings, ancient Roman artefacts, Egyptian mummies and powerful status such as The Winged Victory of Samothrace.



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This is where lovers write or engrave their names on padlocks, clasping them onto the railing of the bridge, and then throwing the key into the river below.


8 Replies to “7 free things to do in Paris in the summer”

  1. Check out the open air cinema in Parc de la Villette too – July August usually, completely free, huge variety of classic and cult movies, and everyone just drops a blanket, and shares wine and cheese. Super laid back and atmospheric.


      1. It seriously is – it’s on the north-east of the city so it’s a bit harder to grab a taxi home though – we actually walked most of the way back at about 1am which was a cool adventure in itself. X


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