A Winter’s Walk in Portsmouth Old Town, England

I must confess, I hadn’t really ventured around Portsmouth much other than to the ships and Gunwharf quays.

One winter afternoon, we had got bored to tears of being cooped up inside and decided to brave the chilly English weather and go for a wander.

We went down to Gunwharf quays and had a look around the shops but decided that today, we needed fresh air in our lungs and a change of scene. So we wandered off into Old Portsmouth town.

I had no idea that Portsmouth had this side to it!

Old churches


Complete with spooky witchy looking walls made of gravestones (as you do).


Quaint buildings


As well as mixture of some enviable contemporary ones…




An inexplicable amount of vintage cars


Boats bobbing on the blue water of the harbour



There’s the Domus Dei Royal Garrison church founded in 1212


And the round tower fortification that guards the entrance to the harbour



So if you’re looking to go on a little bit of a wander, perhaps venture outside the well known section of Portsmouth and go for a scenic stroll through the older part of town.

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