Gypsy heart travels – 1 years old!

So it’s a few days late but
The Gypsy Heart Travels is 1 years old!

Since I started the blog…

I’ve been to six countries, broke up from a long term relationship, took my first solo trip, ticked eight things off my bucket list, got two new tattoos, got attacked by a monkey, handed in my job and tenancy notice, met lots of awesome people and started to learn to love myself and appreciate everything around me.

When I first started this blog, I didn’t expect anyone to read it, so I am always amazed by the kind comments I receive and the interactions I have with you all.

With my work commitments I haven’t really truly shared even half of what I’ve wanted to with you guys.

Hopefully that will all change along with my new adventures on the horizon!

So thanks for being part of that journey 😘

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Freelance writer who loves reading, cooking & travelling. Rarely spotted without red lipstick. Penchant for whiskey on the rocks.

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