A little haven in my hometown

Is there a place you go to in your hometown to escape?


Every summer, people from the cities come down literally by the coach load to flock to the beach. I’m not a massive fan of crowds nor cheap tacky attractions, such as the gaudy mini theme park I loved so much as a child, or the dilapidated crazy golf course.

Across the river, hidden behind an old fort covered in grass, is a more secluded beach with sand dunes and a bit more peace and quiet.


This is the place I love to go to, in my hometown, to get away from the buzz of people. Where I can relax, and almost feel like i’m on holiday and not in a typical British town flanked by take away shops and an ugly eyesore high-rise building.

My mother would tell me stories about the old fort, how she would play amongst the ruins as a child before the grass grew over it and it was sectioned off for protection.


For a while, there was no ferry service and it was a bit of a pain to get to.

Now, you can catch a lift on one of the local boats for just a £1.00 and walk idly by the old fort, which now to the untrained eye looks no more than a grassy hill, amongst the sand dunes and watch the town from afar.



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