The beginning of a little tradition 

Today I booked my one way ticket to begin my journey around Southeast Asia in exactly one month’s time! I am excited and terrified in equal measure, and I’ve still got a few more things to sort out, as well as a few little side trips to keep me occupied (Amsterdam, Barcelona and Madrid hopefully!)

Anyway, that’s not really what this post is about.

After booking my ticket, my dad handed me a few Singapore dollars and I was reminded of the bowl I had sitting in my room.

The bowl used to sit on top of my bookshelf in my little flat, beneath the bird cage mirror and next to an array of old glass bottles and melted candles.

At first, this little bowl was just for loose change, after a while and following holidays dotted here and there, it accumlated a different currency or two.

Then, I had a friend visit me on my birthday on the day he returned from Africa. He looked at it, and without saying a word, he dropped a few notes in.

This became a tradition of sorts, like a little shrine to the different countries around the world and their currencies.

Sometimes, somebody would visit me and tell me of their travel plans, and I would tell them to take out the currency they needed.

It’s little traditions like this, that make good memories and make a place feel like home!

Some of these currencies belong to countries I have never even visited.

I hope to collect more and maybe make another shrine in a new home someday or a collage I can move from place to place.

Do you have any little traditions in your home?

5 Replies to “The beginning of a little tradition ”

  1. That’s a great habit, Rhiannon!

    I also have some notes and coins from my trips, but since I am from Bulgaria, part of the European Union, it is a bit more challenging since most of the countries in Europe are now using the euro :))

    I am collecting beer bottle caps. I just started some weeks ago, but I already have at least 20 different ones 🙂


    1. Yes, that’s a bit of a shame. I used to like it when European countries had their own identity through currency, but the Euro has it’s perks as well.
      That’s a cool one! I used to collect all sorts of old bottles and fill them with candles, but they took up a lot of room.

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      1. Oh, yes, but having one currency is also having its (many) benefits.

        Oh, that’s a nice habit but it surely requires tonnes of space! 🙂


  2. Love the habit. I also have a collection from different countries, but they are hidden. I only think of them when it’s time to travel. I have some Zimbabwean notes from the 90s, before the hyper-inflation, to share. 🙂 Back then we used to say give me 20 Zimbabwean dollars and I can perform miracles.


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