Lunch at Waterkant – Amsterdam

Waterkant is situated in a quieter area of Amsterdam, and I was pleasantly surprised by the small amount of people there. Having said that, we were there during lunch time on a weekday, and I’m under the impression things liven up a little in the evenings.

2016-10-06 11.28.16.png

It’s right on the canal, and so we picked a free bench outside in the sun and ordered some coffee.

Our coffees both came with a tiny little sponge cake on a spoon.


After a little while of watching boats drive up and down and staring at Autumn leaves quietly bobbing on the water, my stomach started to grumble.
I picked up the menu and had a hard time choosing what to order, it all looked very appetising.

We both settled for Bara Tempeh rolls – an Indian bread roll (kind of glazed, with herbs) filled with tempeh, vegetables and pickles with a side of mango chutney.
It tasted out of this world. However, the chutney blew my head off!


It really took it’s toll about halfway through and I started to sniff and a small tear or two may have gathered in the corners of my eyes. This stuff was pretty strong.

I ordered another drink which I quickly downed. I couldn’t quite finish the roll because it was quite large and I was rather full, so D hoovered it up for me.

It made a lasting impression though, not just because I had unwittingly slathered it in hellfire, but the taste in general still has me wistfully thinking some lunch times “Oh man, I could really do with one of those right now.”

We had talked about sharing a dessert, but I didn’t realise D had already ordered it, and the waitress brought it over immediately upon us finishing our lunch.

I didn’t take a picture, as I was so full, I didn’t even really want to look at it.

It was fried banana with peanut sauce, I tried one or two slices, and it was pretty good, but incredibly rich, and the gooey peanut butter stuck to my mouth.

Usually, this would be very indulgent and much enjoyed, but I was far too full and it was making me feel a little sick. Luckily D can put a lot of food away and hates anything going to waste, so he finished that up as well.

I would highly recommend going here for food if you’re in the neighbourhood. It’s definitely on my list of places to return to when I happen to next be in that neck of the woods!

We wandered around for a little bit, down the quieter side streets instead of the main strip, and headed back up to the station.

We got back late afternoon/early evening, made some cheese on toast, and slumped down on the sofa to watch a Star Wars marathon.

I was so tired that I kept nodding off and D had to keep poking me awake “Hey! You wanted to watch the new Star Wars movie, you’re gonna miss it!”

After we watched two of the films, we headed to bed and I was out like a light.

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