5 Footway Hostels Project Ann Siang Chinatown – Singapore

5 Footway Project Ann Siang

5 Footway have several hostels dotted all over Singapore , and two in very close proximity of each other in Chinatown.

The first one that I originally booked was the Project Anne Siang.

The directions provided were clear and so the hostel was very easy to find using the public transport system (MRT – Mass rail transit/transportation).

There were quite a few flights of stairs and as far as I am aware, no lift.

Dorms were clean and tidy and the beds were in an enclosed pod style with curtains for added privacy. Each bed came with a personal light and plug socket for charging appliances.


However, there were no windows and so after a few days with a full dorm and people hanging up their wet towels etc. it started to smell a little damp.

The rooms had aircon and good general lighting as well as the personal reading lights, the lockers were very spacious and could fit a large backpack/case in them, and they are opened with your personal key card access the same as the dorm room.

Appearance wise, the showers looked very nice, stylish, and clean but upon testing only 1 out of 3 of the larger rainfall showerheads worked, the others just the smaller showerhead.


The toilets were always clean, but one of the two cubicles in the toilets of our corridor was built at a strange angle with the door against the window and so there was no lock.


There was a rooftop terrace which was very spacious though not particularly pleasant on the eye due to big air con units and a pile of mattresses in the corner. The basic amenities are kept up on the terrace such as a sink, mugs, glasses, hot drinks machine, cool water and fridge.

There are some tables and chairs and although the terrace itself could have some more done to it to make it more pleasant, it does have quite a nice view of the city skyline, especially at night. You can see two of the three main Chinatown temples from here.


The hostel is centrally located, only a two minute walk or so from the MRT station and a bus stop at the end of the street, plenty of restaurants and food halls in the area and three temples that you can visit for free.

The breakfast is self service and is held at their “Chinatown 2” hostel, located on the same street further down the road.

It is a very basic breakfast, providing bread and a toaster with some condiments such as jam and peanut butter, and two choices of basic cereal with milk. There is also cool water, a hot drinks machine and a fridge that you can use.

The staff at Project Anne Siang were wonderful, they were super friendly and always wished me a nice day when I left/greeted me when I came back, asked how my day was, and were always willing to give me tips, information, and directions.

Edit: In spite of one of the showers not working, I have thought about this hostel and found myself recommending it when people asked about places to stay in Singapore. So, after deliberating, I have added an extra star.



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