Gardens By The Bay & Supertrees in Singapore

So, after my early wake-up and having explored 3 temples in 2 hours, I still had plenty of time on my hands for the rest of the day…

I have wanted to go to Gardens By The Bay in Singapore for a long time, and I figured since it was still nowhere near lunch, I had plenty of time.

I hopped on the MRT and walked for a few minutes. There’s a nice viewpoint before you even get to the ticket counter, opposite the famous Marina Sands Bay hotel.


If you are on a tight budget or short of time, this little viewpoint gets you a glimpse of the hotel, Supertree grove, the Skyway, The Singapore Flyer and more.


If you have more of a budget to burn, the Marina Bays Sands hotel is well known for its incurable infinity pool with a jaw-dropping skyline view.

After grabbing my tickets and foregoing to the shuttle service, I wandered around the grounds  where sections of the floor were covered in brightly coloured paintings.


I decided to enter the “Flower Dome first”.


The giant dome has sections of flowers and trees in all variations from different corners of the world, interspersed with sculptures here and there.



Ranging from Foxglove to Cacti and Baobab trees, Winnie The Pooh, Alice in Wonderland and snarled wooden dragons.



I then moved on to the “Cloud Forest” Dome which is generally the more recognised one out of the two.

Almost immediately you are greeted by the beautiful centerpiece of this dome, a towering goliath of foliage and flowers with a cascading waterfall that sprays fine mist over your face.


Here you find more dense, exotic and lush foliage and considerably less sculptures.



There is a walkway where you can wander above the rest of the dome and around the centerpeice



and a decorative pond surrounded by orchids to sit and contemplate.




There are Rafflesia and venu fly traps constructed out of lego, some carved wooden sculptures, walls of foliage and flame red flowers


and a cavern named “Crystal Mountain” filled with mirrors, crystals, and stalactites.


I was glad I opted to view the Flower Dome first. even though both were very well curated, I felt that it would have been a bit anti-climatic to view in the opposite order.

I then made my way through Supertree Grove.



The Supertree vertical gardens are up to 50 metres tall and display and light and sound show at night.


I regretted my design to take the stairs halfway up and vowed I would certainly be taking the lift back down.

I tentatively walked along the Skyway to take in the view



and then made my way back to the beginning and sat on the grass a while to formulate a plan of what to do next.



It was still fairly early in the afternoon and a while yet until the light show. I was pretty tired from my early morning and all my walking, so like the party animal that I am, I decided to head on back for a nap and some food.

Did you know?

A majority of the Supertrees aren’t just for show. They contribute to sustainable environment functions such as harvesting solar energy.


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