Little India – Singapore

I had the pleasure of meeting up with two lovely ladies from Taiwan via a social networking group for female travellers.

Coincidentally, they were staying very close to me and it was easy for us to meet up for a meal or drinks.

We all wanted to go and check out the Little India quarter of Singapore but had been warned by various people that female travellers often feel uncomfortable there.

We all decided to go together and hopped on the MRT from Chinatown station.



We arrived in Little India which was packed with market stalls, fresh fruits and vegetables, flower wreaths and decorations.


There was a Deepavali market which felt like diving into a treasure cave, with brightly coloured trinkets in all directions and hanging from the ceiling.


The market had pretty much anything you could imagine tucked in there and it would be all too easy to get lost for hours in row upon row of shiny colourful objects.



We visited the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple which was built in 1881 and dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali.IMG_2769.jpg

You slip off your shoes and step inside, many people ring a brass bell hanging from the door on their way in or out.


The temple is quite interesting and very beautiful with its vivid colours and plethora of intricate sculptures.





Once we had explored, we went on to have lunch.

We went to Muthu’s (passing many a gold jewellery and henna stall en route)

We shared a fish head curry, popadoms and naan between us. Plus I ordered a mango lassi to wash it down with. I’ve never had lassi before and it is THE perfect accompaniment for a curry. Tasty, refreshing and the dairy cools down the spices.

IMG_2809 (1).jpg

Unfortunately, the other temple in Little India was closed for the day (they start and finish quite early) and so we made our way back to a MRT station.

On our way back we happened to walk passed the candy coloured house of Tan Teng Niah.


The villa was built in 1900 by a confectionary businessman for his wife.


It was fun day filled with colour, good food and good company.

I’d also like to point out that at no point did any of us feel uncomfortable in Little India, but having said that, we did all make a concious effort to cover up as we had the intention of a visiting a temple.

I’ll be writing some separate posts further down the line about some female travel networks/apps and my experiences with meeting people through these groups.


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