Six Degrees hostel – Jakarta, Java.

Six degrees is fairly easy to locate given that they give you very clear directions.

It’s a large hostel with a relaxed vibe. The receptionist was very friendly and a great laugh as well as being super knowledgeable and helpful with what to do in Jakarta. She gave us all the information we could need and clear directions on how to get there and what to do.

Downstairs is a simple movie corner with a couch and projector. The main area downstairs has a fair amount of seating with charging ports and a pool table.

Breakfast was included in the price and consisted of three choices:

Nasi goreng (fried rice topped with fried egg and usually options of chicken or vegetarian).
Fruit platter
Rice porridge

(Although I felt the word “platter” was a bit misleading as the portions were quite small. “Fistful of fruit chunks” may have been more accurate).

Extra or other options are available for a price, as well as various meals and snacks available for purchase throughout the day.

Free tea and coffee is available as well as water from dispensers, however, not all the water dispensers were cool water, some came out luke warm.

There is a larger kitchen upstairs where you can store your own food in the fridge and cupboards and use the amenities to cook your own meals, and a large table to eat at.


Further up from the second kitchen there is a rooftop terrace. The terrace is quite pleasant considering where it is located, I feel they did a lot with what they had. There is a bamboo pagoda to sit in as well as picnic style tables, there is a bar that serves beers and has happy hour every night, ann area for boxing and yoga, and up some precarious stairs there is a small seating area with a view of the city skyline.




The dorms are pod beds and whilst not particularly stylish in decor were quite spacious and comfortable with lockers big enough for a day pack/valuable to be stored in.


There are shared toilets and shower which seemed moderately clean, clean enough to be hygienic but could probably have done with a bleach and a scrub.

You can pay upon check-out and can cancel at 24 hours notice. I decided to cancel one night off my booking so that I could get out of Jakarta ASAP and there was no fuss.

They offer various tours and day trips and have a notice board for cab shares.

There is a rather cute cat called Nemo who would sleep all day and then stand outside my door at 5am and meow as loudly as he could.


Six degrees is a great hostel with a good vibe and they do the most they can with their location. Jakarta is not really a place that people want to spend too long in.

I felt it was god value for money and did enjoy staying there, however, Jakarta was not for me and unfortunately I was quite eager to leave.




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