Good Karma – Yogyakarta

A little bit difficult to locate, especially in the dark, but immediately pleasing on the eye (especially if you like reggae sort of vibes) when you enter the small courtyard where quirky tables and chairs and a swing hangs.





The staff were super friendly, there was free water available and breakfast included along with towels and blankets. I felt that the blankets were perhaps a little too small and thin because of the temperature the ac was set to, but I get cold very easily.

There is a nice and fair sized common area, painted brightly with pallet boxes and cushions to create a lounging space.





The dorm was simple and clean, the lockers were absolutely huge and were big enough to fit my entire large rucksack/case (which is pretty damn bulky) plus my smaller rucksack/daybag in easily. However, you will need your own lock; I think they may have a few available at reception.



The bathroom attached to the dorm only has two cubicles with a shower and toilet in each but they are quite spacious and the walls are bamboo. The shower is open with no ceiling which I personally found quite pleasant.





Good karma was the least expensive place I stayed in the whole of Indonesia but actually provided the most included in their price and the best service. The breakfast included changed daily but it was never the often occurring cheap standard of bread and jam. Every day I was there they made fresh delicious banana pancakes with a generous side of fruit.


Food photos courtesy of Good Karma instagram account @goodkarmayogyakarta

It is quite centrally located to shops and restaurants and easy to grab a motorbike taxi or tuk-tuk to other places a bit further out if you are not up for walking in the heat.

They also have a sister company/headquarters which offer fantastic local excursions such as the Indonesian cooking class that I took. A portion of the money goes to local people and I could not recommend it highly enough!

I really enjoyed my stay at Good Karma, it was excellent value for money and I don’t have a bad thing to say about it!



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