Move on cafe Yogyakarta

Myself and one of the girls that had been in my dorm in Jakarta met up to have a wander around and came across a sleek looking black painted building.

We decided to check it out and found just what we were looking for.

A bit of a contrast to many of the other places in the area of Yogyakarta where it is located, with a modern industrial chic interior.



For drinks, I ordered a dragonfruit smoothie and E got iced lemon juice.


For food, we shared some wedges between us which were simple but quite possibly the best wedges I’ve actually ever had.


And we both got a big salad each, which hit the spot after lots of traveling over the past few days and having lived off of gas station snacks and greasy road-side noodles.


Move on is the perfect little coffee and lunch spot if you’re looking for something a bit more upmarket or a space to work from.





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