Christmas 2016 in Thailand & The true meaning of Christmas

I’m interrupting my attempts to regale you with chronological posts of my travels to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

It’s a little late but I’ve not been particularly organised.

I was in Koh Lipe the week before Christmas and I knew that my family had booked a holiday in Koh Chang.

After an open speedboat in the rain, a dodgey transfer minibus and a 13 hour “sleeper” train with no beds and a crying puking baby sat beside me, I made it to Bangkok. I had a bloody awful time in Bangkok, but that’s another story for another time.

I rested up for two nights and then got a cab to the airport, a bus, a ferry and another bus, I finally arrived in Koh Chang in the evening and proceeded to fall asleep almost as soon as I sat down on my dorm bed.

The next day I got a cab down to where my family were staying.

I’ve been spending lazy days in the sun with my family and joining them for meals and it’s been a barrel of laughs.



Yesterday for the first time in three years, I spent the whole of Christmas day with my family with no work involved or other commitments to split my time between.


We lazed in the sun, drank coconut shakes, and had a lovely meal at Buddha View restaurant on Bang Bao pier.

I felt pretty guilty for not getting them presents, for not being able to spend this time with the other half of my family, but probably even more guilty for sipping coconuts in paradise with everything else going on in the world.

I definitely felt blessed and lucky but I also wanted to do something to help in any (though admittedly limited) way that I could…

You don’t need to donate a fortune, but for the cost of a few festive drinks back home or a pack of mince pies you can contribute to helping the people of Aleppo.

They are in desperate need and the true meaning of this holiday and festive season is to spend time with your loved ones and to give. 

You can donate to The Red Cross, The Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Save The Children, Help Refugees and many more.

In this day and age, with modern technology there is no excuse, wherever you are in the world, you can quickly and easily make a difference with the click of a button.

Merry Christmas
Love From The Gypsy Heart Travels



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