Guest post: 5 Smashing Street Foods of India

Are you the one who is a Bhukkad always looking for new food experiences or are you the gym freak who keeps a strict diet and monitors every calorie they intake? Live to eat and eat to live are two theories between which most of the human population battles between. Though it is not a binary choice, people often make a hard boundary between the two and pick sides.

India being a country of the rich, the poor and the middle class, the society has developed mechanisms to serve everyone equally, and food took its natural route to evolve. Though known for its low cost, the street food in India is extremely delicious and full of flavour. The rich and poor can be found on the streets alike, eating their favourite street food without even a slight thought.

So, we decided to enlighten you about the 5 smashing street foods in India which must and must be tried by one and all!

Chole Bhature


Photo by Satish Krishnamurthy, CC BY 2.0

With its origin from the land of the Sikhs, Punjab, Chole Bhature has become one of the popular and much enjoyed delicacies of India. A combination of the healthy ‘chana’ and a fried bread called ‘bhatoora’, the dish is eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. Mostly famous in North India, Delhi is a place where you could find the best of the stalls along the road side that serve you with the best of the chole bhature!

Aloo Tikki


Photo by Soniya Goyal, CC BY-SA 2.0

The North Indian snack of Aloo Tikki has its origin from the state of Uttar Pradesh and is surely one of the most mouth-watering street foods within the streets of the state! The potatoes that make most of the constituents for the dish along with the masalas, spices and the curd makes for a filling snack on a hungry afternoon. Loved by one and all, the dish remains a favourite to one and all in India!

Pani Puri


Photo by Sruthi612, CC BY-SA 4.0

The most common street snack all across the Indian subcontinent is the Pani Puri also known as Golgappe or Phuchhka. The name is pretty obvious from what it is made of, masala water with spice and mint coupled with a dried bread. The lightness of the dish makes it an all-time favourite snack for Indians all across the globe and it is a challenge to one and all to finish their pani puri serving before another one has landed into your plate!



Photo (Cropped) by Sonal, CC BY 2.0

Owing to its origin from the state of Rajasthan, the dish in itself carries all the tastes from the land of the royals. The Bikaneri Kachori was one of the first to have come into existence when the prince was looking for a crunchy snack filled with spicy gravy and chutney but also keep him cool under the heat of the sun. Thus, came into existence the Kachori with the curd and the exotic flavours we savour today!

Vada – Pav


Photo by Darshanatiwari, CC BY-SA 4.0

The most famous food of the state of Maharashtra is the Vada – Pav. Comprising mostly of a deep-fried potato patty with a bun of bread, spices and sauces, the Vada – pav is the go to dish for every Mumbaikar looking to grab a quick bite on the go. Being the favourite for pocket-friendly snack-looking students and the loaded-pocket businessmen looking for delicacies, the Vada – Pav has grown to be the favourite across the entire country very quickly.

Now that you know the amazing street food from each corner of the country, it is time to set out on a food expedition to taste the best of the foods and cry about how limited storage space your stomach has!

About the Author:
Rohit is an architect by profession and loves to travel around the country to explore the uniqueness of each region in this vast land of opportunities. He writes about his experiences at for any person who shares a similar desire and interest.

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