The house of Sate – Yogyakarta

I’m not generally a huge fan of satay sauce.

I know, I know, I can hear the gasps of horror. I can imagine you reeling in disgust and shock.

Ok, I’m not saying I dislike it.

It’s just not high up on my list of favourite things.

It’s just a bit too rich for me and gives me that sickly full feeling.

Additionally, it can be difficult to find nice vegetarian food that involves satay sauce.


For our last night together in Yogyakarta, myself and the girls who had stayed at the same hostel in Jakarta all met up and went to Haus of Sate.

It’s a simple and clean interior design


photo from Haus of Sat facebook page.

Low lit in the evenings which adds a cosy feel for dinner and the beer is served wonderfully cold.

To my surprise, they had a vegetarian alternative to the famous satay skewers.

So, myself and E shared a starter of vegetable parcels, which were much like large square spring rolls with a dip.


The starter was tasty but the main was simply amazing.

Tofu and tempeh skewers with rice, vegetables and a satay dip on the side for those of us that don’t like our food drowned in it.


The flavour was incredible. I ate and ate until I could eat no more.

and then I ate a little more.

Even if you’re not vegetarian, you should try tempeh at some point during your stay in Indonesia. It’s a very common traditional dish and it has a much more substantial texture compared to tofu as well as (when cooked well) a delicious and unique taste.

I would definitely recommend Haus of Sate if you’re in Yogyakarta, the food tastes amazing and comes in good portion sizes, the ambience in the restaurant is spot on, and the staff are very friendly.

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