3 Reasons why I travel alone


I’ve wasted alot of time in wrong relationships and in one sided friendships. For some reason I always felt like I needed people to want the same things as I did in order for me to achieve my goals. For a while, the concept of going it alone was completely alien to me.


I’ve struggled with on and off depression, stress, fatigue and above all…
serious self-confidence issues and a massive fear of failure.

Up until recently, I didn’t have a shred of self-belief that I could achieve anything worthwhile. I hated my body, I hated my own personality and I stayed in a job I didn’t want to stay in for years because I was terrified of failing.


Plenty of people told me:
That I was crazy.
That I was stupid.
That I would spend all of my money.
That I would get robbed.
That I would get sexually assaulted.
That I would get murdered.
That I wouldn’t be able to get a job when I came home.

Why do you travel alone?


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