Bucket List Update

New ticks off the bucket list:

See rice paddy fields in Bali


Tegalalang rice terraces 

I have no idea why I was so set on seeing a rice paddy in Bali. I have seen rice terraces galore all over Southeast Asia since I got here in October. I even planted some rice in Indonesia.

Participate in the lantern festival in Chiang Mai

Wat Phan Tao Temple 

I participated in an entirely different way to what I expected and still got to see the lanterns float through the night sky of the city. It was even better than just lighting a lantern and walking off.

Swim under a waterfall

Khlong Plu Koh Chang (Thailand)

Ok so when I say swim, I mean the current was too strong and I was dragged by my arms up and under the waterfall by my father and two brothers to get a nose full of rushing water and nearly lose my bikini bottoms.

Not the mermaid-esque moment I had envisioned. There are no photos because we were all clinging to rocks against a very strong current.

Swim with turtles

Gili Trawangan (Indonesia)

It was totally worth the horrendous sunburn that covered my entire back, legs and bum cheeks.

Hike up a mountain

Mount Bromo & The Ijen crater (Indonesia)

I’ve done several more hikes since this, but this 3 day trek was the first time I hiked up a mountain, well volcano, I consider it to be more or less the same thing.

Take a journey on a sleeper train

Koh Lipe > Bangkok 13 hours.
It was horrible. I really got the shit end of the stick and ended up on a “sleeper train” with no beds, just slightly reclining hard plastic seats and a crying, puking baby sitting next to me on his mother’s lap.

New additions:

Libreria acqua alta venezia – Venice, Italy.
Celebrate Midsommer in Sweden
Eat spaghetti out of a giant wheel of cheese – Italy
Cheese rolling – England

(I’m seeing a pattern emerging from my cheese withdrawal. The Asians cuisine is fantastic but cheese is not really a thing here).

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