Bali Surfers Bowl

I got this amazing salad in Canggu (Bali) from a place on the beach and I felt I had to share this simple beauty with you.

These are commonly known as Buddha bowls. They are super filling and pack a nutrient-dense punch.

I think I’ll be making this a lot when I get home!

In the salad we have:

Sweet potato
Pickled cabbage (can use shop bought sauerkraut)
Cherry tomatoes with olive oil and oregano
Poached egg
Goji berries
Crumbled feta
Leafy green
Nuts and seeds

Served with a creamy tangy lemon dressing.

For an easy dressing, you could combine garlic and lemon zest with a little olive oil and whisk until thick. Then mix in some greek yogurt or sour cream and any herbs you would like such as chives or dill then pop in the refrigerator for apx. 15 minutes.

For vegans, I would suggest replacing the egg with some avocado slices, and the feta with some tofu or tempeh.

For a vegan dressing, I would replace yogurt or sour cream with soaked and blended cashew nuts and omit the olive oil.

Alternatively, you could try the recipe with a natural coconut yogurt(though I’ve not personally tried this variation).

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