A temple on the water in Lombok, Indonesia

Well after the local spirit poisoning incident of Gili T, needless to say, the ensuing boat and car journeys to Lombok were not fun for me.

I spent the whole journey with my eyes closed, sucking on a polo and concentrating all my willpower on not being sick again.

We weren’t spending very long in Lombok – only two days before going our separate ways.

A was heading home and I was going on to Sulawesi.

A rented a scooter and let me tag along on the back. We spent a long time going round in circles looking for a gas station, getting bemused directions from locals that made no sense.

After a very long time, it became apparent they were referring to this hut which had been displaying Bombay Saphire bottles outside and which I had assumed was some dodgy moonshine.



We explored a temple on the rocks overlooking the ocean.



We clambered up rocks and jumped over pools and wandered around the temple, taking in the vibrant flower offerings and elaborate dragon carvings.





We spent the rest of the afternoon at Senggigi beach which was much less crowded than Gili T.




We sunbathed and watched fishermen against the backdrop of the blue sea.



Our other plans had been to go to a waterfall nearby but unfortunately, it rained torrentially and we spent the day eating and drinking beer inside instead.

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