Street art in Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia)

I loved Georgetown. It’s colourful, quirky, multi-cultural and historic.

I loved the colours, textures, and patterns all over the city against the backdrop of old colonial style buildings which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage old town.

Most of all I loved the street art scene.

Since 2012 when a Lithuanian artist created six unique street art pieces for the Georgetown Festival, the street art scene has grown from strength to strength.

We grabbed ourselves a map and went on a treasure hunt to track down all of the most famous pieces of street art.

We spent the day walking all over the city, sometimes going around in circles as some of the pieces are small and not very easy to find (being hidden down alleyways or in parking lots).













Not only that, but there has also been an installation made of wrought iron in a caricature style on various streets, that humorously depicts the history behind the very streets on which they are placed.






Along the way whilst tracking down these famous installations, you will find plenty of other street art pieces, interesting shop fronts with colourful tiles (sometimes with hidden museums)




and an abundance of lovely cafes to have tea, cake or nasi lemak (a traditional dish of curry, pickles, egg and coconut rice) in.


Or for a cooling sweet treat, you can stop at a little stall for shaved ice

or for traditional Malay desserts such as “Ais Kacang” (ice dessert with sweet beans) or “Cendol” (shaved ice with flavoured milk, jelly and beans).


23 Replies to “Street art in Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia)”

  1. In LOVE with all these photos and each piece of street art you found – incredible what artists can do with a simple blank wall, isn’t it? Thank you so much for capturing it all so beautifully!


  2. The street art is amazing! It looks like you had a great trip. I’d never known about the street art there before.


  3. This street art is amazing! I thought there were super strict laws against even chewing gum in Malaysia though so how do people get away with this? Is it more like the people who own the buildings ask them to do it/allow it?


    1. Hmm I don’t know. It’s the case in Singapore but nor sure about Malaysia. As far as I am aware…
      The street art was actually commissioned to a famous artist for a land mark festival and the popularity make the tourism sky rocket so they decided to keep it 😊


  4. OH my goodness – I’ve been to Penang twice (for weddings) and never made it to see the famous street art! I love your photos, really making me wish I could explore the streets of Georgetown ASAP.


  5. I’m astonished by the Georgetown street art, always look at those photos like I see them for the first time! 😀 There is a map for easy-to-find these lovely murals? Good to know, thanks! 🙂


  6. I really enjoyed the art work. Some are downright clever! I really enjoyed the imagination the artist had. It would be really cool to see them in person and pose for them as some have done with the bikes. Thank you for sharing this as we hope to go to Malaysia in the next few years.


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