You always take the weather with you – Langkawi

So most of my time in Langkawi it rained. It rained in the morning, throughout most of the day and into the evening.

I spent most of my time reading, occasionally going out in search of food.

On one of the rare occasions that the day looked clear, I met up with a friend whom I had originally met in Sulawesi.

He took me on his bike and we wandered around some beaches, happily snapping random photographs of flowers, barnacles and a mountain that looks like a gorilla.








We went to a nature reserve which very quickly became navigating a swamped mangrove with collapsed bridges.





Luckily I had brought my rain coat along but the spit turned into a bit of a torrential storm on the way back and we were forced to take cover in a small local house/restaurant.


Everybody joked that the weather had been utterly perfect until I arrived!

I guess I will have to re-schedule a visit to Malaysia so that I can see more of it another time!

5 Replies to “You always take the weather with you – Langkawi”

  1. Oh wow! Crazy weather! I almost went to Langkawi when I was in Cameron Highlands, but the forecast had constant rain for 10 days! So yeah, unfortunatly I had to change my route and just head to Thailand. Your pictures looks awesome!


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