The earth laughs in flowers – Chiang Mai flower festival

Chiang Mai is known as “The rose of the north”, so it seems fitting that it should host such a delightful event.

San Buak Haad park is a lovely place to spend lazing on a bamboo matt on a sunny day in Chiang Mai.



Once a year in February it gets a just a little bit more lovely…



Chiang Mai flower festival is a three-day celebration held at the end of the cool season.


Unfortunately, we missed the parade, but we got to wander through fragrant tunnels of flowers

and a variety of beautiful elephant sculptures and carefully trimmed shrubs.




There was an abundance of artistically arranged flowers and paper lanterns hanging from the tree branches


Outside Thai dancers were on the streets in stunning dresses and baskets full of fresh flowers, an artist in the background paints a portrait of the dearly departed King Bhumibol Adulyadej.



Have you been to Chiang Mai flower festival? Did you get to watch the parade that we missed?

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