Amazing healthy vegan & raw food in Northern Thailand

Earth Tone in Pai (Thailand) has become one of my favourite food places of all time.

When you step into the small unassuming wooden building on the side of the road, you’re greeted by the front of house and the array of goodies available to take away – freshly baked vegan bread, the best brownies I have ever had (also vegan), banana bread and fresh free range eggs as well as packets of dehydrated fruit.


They have a shop full of anything from vegan pasta, coconut oil, home-made nut butters, locally sourced ethical products, clothes, soaps and natural shampoos, herbal remedies tablets and tea blends.

The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, you could go up to the counter and say you had a headache or stomach cramps etc. and they would pick out the right herbal tablets for you and give you some natural homeopathic tips to help you feel better!

The large fridges are stocked with iced teas tonics and kombucha, home made kefir and probiotic coconut yogurts, bean salads, freshly made pots of hummus and kimchi…


and a ridiculously beautiful collection of the most divine raw vegan desserts you will ever try in your life


as well as a freezer full of home-made vegan ice creams in tonnes of different mouth-watering flavours.


Phew! And that’s before you have even sat down and glanced at the menu…

There is a huge selection of vegetarian, vegan and raw dishes from classics such as spaghetti pesto to traditional Thai dishes such as Khao Yam.


They do THE best salads I have ever eaten in my life, which are incredibly filling because they are so nutrient dense and packed with protein from tempeh fried in coconut oil.



They have buckwheat waffles covered in fresh fruit and coconut yogurt (or for something more indulgent, you could opt for vegan ice cream sandwiched in a waffle) and nourishing smoothie bowls.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 10.02.50


You can even order stuff to grab and go such as a vegan pesto sandwich.



Curl up on a cushion with a cup of lavender cacao or a sweet fresh coconut and a slice of heavenly raw raspberry and chocolate cake (with maybe a cheeky scoop of vegan mocca ice cream) – absolute bliss!




I used to buy blocks of tempeh from them (which they also make themselves) to take back to my house and cook.

I could not rave enough about Earth Tone or list all of the amazing dishes and products because I would go on forever but if you are in Northern Thailand and heading in that direction you HAVE to check it out.

It was so good that I would sometimes eat two meals a day here!

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