Utopia & “nightlife” in Luang Prabang

Utopia is the IT bar to go to in Luang Prabang. By day it fits in with the relaxed, sleepy vibes of the town with a serene view over the Mekong river


Utopia offers morning yoga flows, boasts quite a pretty pebble garden with carved wooden seats and plenty of seating on piles of comfy cushions scattered over the floorspace.





They serve a mix of Western and Traditional Lao dishes, and a variety of soft drinks, smoothies, juices and alcoholic beverages.


By night it turns up a notch and gets a bit more lively, that is, until the curfew. All the bars close at about 11pm and the ONLY place you can go after hours is a dingy bowling alley in the sticks. At first I thought the “bowling alley” was more of guise for some speak easy place but no, a harshly lit, low budget bowling alley with sticky floors, no bowling shoes awaits you with lure of beer.



I personally do not enjoy bowling and wouldn’t bother again! I would rather buy some cans to take back to the hostel or just curl up in bed with a book!

If you’re looking for nightlife, clubbing, partying – Luang Prabang is not the place for you, but that’s part of it’s charm and why I liked it!

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