Kuang Si Waterfalls – Luang Prabang

A spot that had been on my bucket list radar fo a while now was Kuang Si waterfalls in the surrounding area of Luang Prabang in Laos.

I had seen some magical photos of the famous tiered waterfalls and it pools of beautiful blue water akin to that of the blue lagoon in Iceland.



I knew it was out of the question to miss it whilst on my trip around Asia.

It was quite busy when we arrived and although we breathlessly clambered up some steep paths and slid down slopes on our bums, we did not find any “secret spot” to enjoy the serenity on our own.


We did happen across one place after a perilous slip and slide down a ditch, but were immediately shooed away by someone keeping guard.



Eventually, we conceded and headed to the official swimming section, plunging into the icy cold turquoise waters to play mermaid for a bit…



So far it hands down wins as THE most beautiful waterfall I have seen.

What beautiful waterfalls have you been to?

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