Mount (It’s pronounced “PUUS-SY”) Phousi – Luang Prabang

Mount Phousi in Luang Prabang is a hill situated opposite the bamboo bridge in the old town. It’s panoramic view straddles the two rivers that flow through the area – The Mekong and the Nam Khan river.

I had spent a long time referring to it as “Mount Foosi” thinking that the guys I was with were just having a joke about the pronunciation but a quick google search left me standing corrected.

The hill is a religious site and features many shrines and statues as you climb the stone staircase.




The main draw that brings people to Mount Phousi is the “Buddha Footprint” located in this rather underwhelming looking hole in the wall…



The Buddha Footprint

There is also an underground shrine in a small cave hidden under a large overhanging boulder.



and a golden stupa at the top surrounded by local women selling birds in small wooden cages


The pleasant view of the surrounding town and would be perfect at sunset. Depending on the time of year, perhaps even sunrise although it was too misty in the mornings whilst we were there.



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