Movie night at L’Etranger – Luang Prabang

L’Etranger is a teashop/cafe, bookstore and art gallery all rolled into one. They also host movie nights for free but politely request that you purchase at least one drink per person.

It had been a while since I had watched a movie, it’s easy to fall out of touch with these things when you are backpacking!

The showing that we went to was for “Bridget Jones’s Baby” which I didn;t get a chance to watch before I left the UK.

L’Etranger looks especially pretty at night with all the fairy lights strung up.


Upstairs there were comfy pillows spread out on the floor and a tv in the corner.


I loved the decoration there, especially their wall of National Geographics!


I ordered a white wine (I also couldn’t remember the last time I had one those either!) and a selection of dips (pesto, tomato and smoky eggplant) and crisp bread.


They also provide delicious food during the day, as well as selling a variety of ethically sourced locally produced products.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 10.35.54
Sticky rice, smoky eggplant dip and hibiscus tea

You can purchase or swap books from their book section, or sit and read one whilst you are there with your cup of tea.

It’s the perfect little chill out spot for any bookworms whilst in Luang Prabang.


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