Vegetarian Street food buffets in Luang Prabang

Ok, so it’s no secret that I LOVE food. Having said that, being a vegetarian in Asia can be challenging at times to say the least. Well,  factor in a backpackers budget to boot and sometimes problems arise and I end up eating fried rice and egg for days on end until I am sick of the sight of it!

So I was pretty damn happy when we came across not one, not two but THREE insanely cheap street food buffets that were all veggie friendly. Hallelujah!

They were all located on the main street in the old town of Luang Prabang (the same road where the night market sets up).

The buffets allow you to pay per plate but how much you can cram on a plate is none of their concern, and trust me, I am well practiced in the art of buffet plate cramming.


One of the buffets was completely vegetarian, and the other two had an assortment of veggie food, meat and fish.



There were plenty of vegetables and noodles galore and all for the equivalent of as little as 0.95p

Another good thing about these places is once you hand them your plate they will chuck it in a wok and heat it all up for you. That may not sound anything out of the ordinary to you but I have been to plenty of places all over Asia where the buffet food is cold and will often stay there until it is all gone.

So, if you’re in Luang Prabang and searching for veggie food on a budget, look no further than the night market street, located on the right-hand side if you are walking past White Elephant treks.

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