Four Thousand Islands – Laos

After the dreadful journey to reach the Four Thousand Islands, and all that I had heard about the place from fellow travelers and friends – I expected a lot more.

Why everyone raved about the place, I really have no idea.

There were a few dark huts and empty restaurants in the “town” selling food and drugs. The Mekong did not make the most inviting swimming spot, mangy dogs wandered around through the mud sniffing at the rubbish lined up in bin bags down the dirt road.

We found a place to stay renting huts along the river…

If I hadn’t of been there with my friends then I would have been utterly miserable. We chilled in hammocks with a beer, sat to watch the (admittedly very pretty) sunset, listening to music and had a joke around. We all agreed we could not wait to leave!




We watched from our precarious balcony (with loose and wonky floorboards) as one of the “booze cruise” boats broke down on the river and giggled to ourselves as they floundered around in the dark.



We met one other person at the guest house told us about his experience on the Irrawaddy dolphin tour that he admitted hadn’t been worth the money to spot one tiny bump break the surface of the water from far away.

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