Starling Ridge Pepper Plantation, Kampot – Cambodia

Kampot is pretty famous for pepper, apparently, it’s some of the best in the world.

We actually went to a free entry pepper plantation, and well, I can’t say that it was particularly exciting. We had a very underwhelming talk from a bored member of staff, looked around the shop at the various overpriced pepper products




and walked in a circle in the midday heat to look at some pepper pods and well, that was it.





We then went to Starling Ridge Pepper Plantation that has boutique accommodation and probably the nicest infinity swimming pool I’ve seen in a while.


I’m not sure whether they do tours there or not, we just went to use the pool in exchange for buying some food and drink!

Hardly a terrible sacrifice to make for the view…


2 Replies to “Starling Ridge Pepper Plantation, Kampot – Cambodia”

  1. The view from the infinity pool is unbeatable but surely the pepper farm isn’t just about selling overpriced products?


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