Kep beach & Kampot pepper crab

Kep is just a short drive away from Kampot town and has a small strip of sand if you are craving some beach time away from the murky waters of the Mekong river.


Kep is well known for the crab market, where they sell a variety of freshly caught seafood.


You can go and pick some live crabs and take them over to a big tin bbq and pay for them to be grilled and slathered in your choice of three sauces.





The most popular of the sources is the famous Kampot pepper sauce.



I personally didn’t eat any apart from trying a lick of sauce and it was very delicious – sweet, spicy and sticky.

The group unanimously agreed it was the best crab they’d ever eaten.



I grabbed a fresh sugar cane juice and we went to relax on the beach for the afternoon.


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