A beach on the river bank, Kampot – Cambodia

When we first saw signs pointing down the red dirt road stating “Sabay beach” we were a bit skeptical, to say the least. We weren’t aware of a beach being any closer to Kampot town than the half hour drive to Kep.

After speculating for a while, we did eventually decide to go and check it out. However, the recent rains had turned the red dirt road into a sea of sludgy clay like mud, an extremely messy and challenging feat to put your little moped through.


After losing my flip flop at one point and having to wade back through the smelly slop to retrieve it, I stroppily declared half way down the road that I didn’t want to see it that fucking much and that I was going to turn back and leave because the mud squelching between my toes and clinging up to my ankles smelt dreadful.


Well, the others were undeterred and convinced me otherwise, so carry on we did.

As it turns out, Sabay beach is a man made beach at a newly opened hotel, comprising of a wooden main area complete with bar, hammocks and swings and charming huts overlooking the river.



The small strip of imported sand is dotted with sun lounging chairs and umbrellas, and a pontoon sits adrift in the water.



The staff greeted us with a smile when we crossed over the bridge to the bar area, and agreed that we could spend some time there if we purchased food or drink.


We ordered some fresh juice and sat in the sun for a while, before dipping in the river and lazing on the platform, whiling away the afternoon.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 16.16.04


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