Simple Things Vegetarian Food & Yoga in Cambodia

One of my absolute favourite hangout spots in Kampot Cambodia was Simple Things. I loved everything about the place! The decor, the people and obviously the FOOD…



Simple things made the most incredibly delicious healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes, breakfast lunch and dinner…

From delectable frozen fruit smoothie bowls with crunchy homemade granola – which was like having ice cream for breakfast



to mind blowing poached eggs with harissa onions, greens, grilled okra and tomatoes on toasted sourdough bread



and sticky sweet tempeh on wholemeal toast, with tomatoes, spinach, and bean sprouts


or this terribly tantalising Meditteranean breakfast platter


They had a brilliant selection of meals and fresh salads for lunches and dinners



My absolute favourite was this simple yet ridiculously addictive dish…

Mung beans, pumpkin, feta and greens


I don’t know what they did to this dish but it tasted AMAZING.


They also have a space upstairs that they use as a yoga studio to host some brilliant classes



It even comes complete with grumpy looking but very cuddly cats


The two girls who were running the place were so genuinely friendly and helped to create such a wonderful warm atmosphere.

When they found out I was by myself for my birthday they even gave me a slice of raw mango cheesecake, popped a candle in it, turned out the lights and sang happy birthday to me!


Rather embarrassingly, it almost made me cry!

Even for those of you not vegetarian or vegan, if you’re in Kampot and looking for healthy, delicious food, a banging smoothie (try the banana and peanut butter!) or a cup of masala chai tea, this is the place.



5 Replies to “Simple Things Vegetarian Food & Yoga in Cambodia”

  1. Mmm the place and food looks amazing! I am a vegetarian and have started doing yoga recently so this is the perfect combo for me 🙂


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