Go Your Own Way – When Songs Become A Sign

Do you ever get those moments when things seem to just…align? I was named after a song by Fleetwood Mac and ever since childhood they have been one of my favourite bands.

“Go Your Own Way” is one of their best known, most iconic songs. I’ve known all the words to it since I was about eight years old.

All of my friends at college had similar music taste, and Fleetwood Mac was the favoured chill out music for when we were drinking in the countryside til 5am.

I can think of quite a few key moments in my life when someway, somehow, Fleetwood Mac was the backing track to a pivotal moment for me.

The most poignant being the inevitable collapse of an imploding relationship.

So fast forward to me, in a pub on the evening of my friend’s birthday, outside in the cold with a cigarette in one hand and a whiskey in the other; someone has just got drunk enough to confess everything.

I knew in that very moment, that was the end. The end of the struggling, fighting and silent tears.

As I exhaled that last plume of smoke, crushed the cigarette butt under foot and walked back inside – Go Your Own Way started playing. How ironic, I thought in my head.

I saw him across the room, and didn’t feel angry, I felt relieved. An old friend grabbed my hand and we danced across the sticky bar floor and I smiled and laughed as Fleetwood Mac summed up my entire relationship and current situation so perfectly.

So further forward, I’m shopping with a friend, and I’m thinking about leaving; I‘d always wanted to travel, and I was debating how to fund it because I didn’t have a lot of money. In my head, I’d been thinking of treating myself to a laptop so that I could try my hand at freelance writing.

Across the shelves of this slightly disorganised shop, I see this laptop case and my friend and I actually gasp because it is utterly perfect. Something so silly, like a laptop case, seemed to scream at me “DO IT!”

So I did.

And no word of a lie, when I stepped off that plane and made my way to my very first hostel, someone was playing this song in the dorm and I nearly burst into tears because it felt so right.

Now every time I pull out my laptop to work, I’m reminded of how everything seemed to just piece together.

Have you had a similar experience when things just seem to fall into place? When a song seems to play at the most perfect time?

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