6 Free & Cheap sights to see in Ho Chi Minh

Whilst in Ho Chi Minh, I found myself in that well known in between stage where I was waiting to get paid before I could move on. I found a tour buddy and together we explored the city on foot, visiting as many free and cheap sights as possible…

  1. Tan Dinh Church
    This pink church looks like a fairytale castle and would be better placed in Disneyland than in the middle of a bustling polluted street.IMG_9757



    The Church was built during the French Colonial period and is the second largest church in Ho Chi Minh.

  2. The Jade Emperor Pagoda
    I admit, the main thing that drew me here was the name of the temple, which made me think of something out of Indiana Jones or a Chinese action movie.IMG_9800




    The fascinating temple built in the early 1900’s was even visited by Barack Obama.

  3. Notre-Dame Basilica
    This church was also established during the French Colonial occupation, with all the original materials imported from France.IMG_9803



    At one point the church was revered due to reports that the statue of the virgin Mary in front of the church had shed tears.

  4. Saigon Central Post Office
    Situated directly opposite the Notre-Dame Basilica, the Saigon Central Post Office is considered a beautifully preserved example of Colonial French Architecture.IMG_9814


    I won’t lie and say it was incredibly exciting, and I certainly wouldn’t have gone out of my way to see it, but since it so close to church, you may as well pop in and have a look!

  5. Independence Palace
    Also referred to as the “Reunification Palace” was the residence of the president of South Vietnam during the infamous Vietnam war.





    It was considered the site of the end of the war, when Saigon fell after the Northern Vietnamese army crashed through the gates with a tank. I found the bunker section the most interesting.

  6. War Remnants Museum
    The War Remnants Museum is an incredibly poignant exhibition of the war crimes committed against Vietnam.




    Out in the courtyard sits a collection of military equipment, and inside various artefacts pertaining to the Vietnam War.

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