The craziest bar I have ever been to

So, from Ho Chi Minh, myself and a friend began our motorbike journey to Hanoi.

Stopping in random towns for steaming bowls of Pho, coffee, and well-needed rests



oh and to rectify the blown up inner tubing of my tire


Yes, that child was my mechanic.

We then arrived in Da Lat, where we reunited with some friends we had originally met in Laos.


We met 100 Roof Top Bar, which everyone also refers to as “The Maze Bar” and it is hands down, the coolest and craziest bar I have ever been to in my life!

The whole place spans several stories and is made to look like a jungle maze.


You could easily wander around int here for hours, from the eerily lit basement up a myriad of steps with mock jungle vines and statues peering out at you.


One minute, you’re staring down at a friend from one level, and then somehow they’re calling your name from above you.

Multiple bar areas were scattered across the floors…


I felt like Alice is a twisted jungle wonderland.


If you are in Da Lat or the surrounding area, you have to make a trip to this unbelievable bar!

You can watch my vlog here.

What’s the craziest bar you’ve ever been to?


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