Elephant Falls Da Lat

When you’re doing something like a drive across Vietnam, you’re generally only spending a few days in each place, so you have to pick and choose what sights you’re going to bother exploring.

One that was mentioned several times to us was Elephant falls…

Even on the drive up to elephant falls there are some pretty beautiful views



beautiful enough for wedding photos!


After heavy rains, Elephant falls was gushing murky brown water over the rocks, so needless to say, it wasn’t exactly, well, pretty.


You have to climb down a number of wet rocks to get a good vantage point of the dramatic falls


Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 18.02.02

and there’s even a small passage between two boulders where you can climb behind the waterfall, although, my phone camera did not think much of that!

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 18.01.53

You can watch the vlog here.

One Reply to “Elephant Falls Da Lat”

  1. Ah amazing. I am thinking about heading here while in Da Lat next weekend. So many things to do in Da Lat but I will only have a couple days (I live in HCMC and just going for our 3 day weekend). But I like this falls, might have to check it out.


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