Cafe Hopping in Hanoi

Whilst in Hanoi I found myself with a lack of internet connection at the hostel where I was staying and an article deadline looming ahead.

My initial plan had been to camp out at Starbucks for the day, however, it turns out they provide you with a wifi code which expires after one hour. I didn’t much fancy paying Starbucks prices for snacks and drinks every hour so I resolved to do a bit of cafe hopping that day.

So I enjoyed the most fancy Starbucks coffee I have ever had at the Starbucks Reserve in the Hanoi old quarter



complete with soft jazz background music and a fancy cold brew bar that looked like a science lab


and then moved on to check out some other spaces.

I happened across this cute chic bohemian place – Eden Coffee, drawn in by the colourful mandala on the wall outside

IMG_1098 copy

and instantly fell in love with the decor and vibe




and worked there for a while whilst enjoying a fresh Pomelo juice and a herbal tea, nestled on the bright cushions by the window.



I also stopped off somewhere else along the way (the name escapes me) to grab a lemon tea and a bite to eat in the form of squidgy, spicy Korean rice cakes with lashings of melted cheese…


Do you have any favourite cafes to work from?

3 Replies to “Cafe Hopping in Hanoi”

  1. I lived in Hanoi and didn’t visit either of these cafes, love the look of Eden Coffee! Hanoi is a great city for cafes, my favourite was ‘To Chim Xanh-Bluebirds Nest’. It’s super chilled with cushions on the floor and great drinks.

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