My Obsession With Egg Coffee

I actually first tried Cà Phê Trứng (Vietnamese egg coffee) in Earth Tone, my favourite cafe in Pai (Thailand). It was pretty damn, good and I remember thinking to myself: I can’t wait to try this stuff IN Vietnam.

Well, suffice to say, during my travels across Vietnam I consumed many a coffee – from Cà Phê Dá (iced coffees) with sweet milk to strong black traditional drip coffees; Ca Phe Sua Chua (coffee with yogurt) and everything in between. I became somewhat of a coffee connoisseur.

Vietnam is without a doubt, coffee heaven. Originally introduced by French colonialists, Vietnamese coffee, with its distinct, strong, and rich flavour has taken on an identity all of its own and is utterly delicious.

I became quite obsessed with the Vietnamese (more specifically Northern region) specialty “egg coffee” once I tried it in its country of origin and realised it was even better than I could have imagined.

“What’s egg coffee?” I hear you ask skeptically, because yes, it sounds strange and kind of gross.

Well, already delectable Vietnamese coffee (either black or mixed with milk) is topped with a mixture of beaten/whipped egg yolks and sugar.


Supposedly it all began sometime in the 1940’s when milk was in short supply, so one ingenious cafe owner decided to experiment for milk substitutes and used egg yolk to make the coffee creamier.

I’m aware that to most of you it may not sound particularly appealing but trust me, it’s good. Like, really good.

It tastes akin to Tiramisu and whilst I would not drink it every day, is a perfect sweet treat to be had cold or hot whenever the urge strikes you or you fancy a dessert after dinner.

My fellow sweet-toothed, coffee loving friends, this is the promised land!


You can find cafes that sell egg coffee all over Hanoi, but my favourite was actually in the residential area where I was teaching – Memory Coffee.

Have you tried egg coffee is Vietnam? What did you think?


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