Sapa & Fansipan Mountain

At the end of the month, I got paid and managed to sell my bike. I left the teaching project in Hanoi and got a night bus up to Sapa.


Sapa is a mountainous town famous for trekking and its terraced rice fields.


The problem was, I was pretty strapped for time until my Vietnamese tourist visa ran out, and I still wanted to squeeze in Ha Long Bay before I flew out of the country. This only gave me a few days in Sapa…

I desperately wanted to do a trek whilst I was there, but it would have been tight time wise and I wasn’t feeling my best. I was worried attempting a hike when feeling so ill and exhausted (thanks, parasites!) would tip me over the edge.

So I settled for a trip up to the Fansipan summit after (begrudgingly) paying the rather expensive cable car fee.



Once I hopped off the cable car, I was greeted by white blankness in all directions.





So whilst I could make out the main features of temples and buildings on the mountain, the “spectacular views” were somewhat lacking.


Since I was already there, I figured I’d climb the stairs to the summit and hope that the mist cleared. It still took me quite a while and a lot of stopping and panting to make it up to the top, and just before I left the clouds did part momentarily.


Don’t you just love it when that one photo of you that a stranger captures for you is with your eyes closed?



I felt like my time in Sapa was possibly a bit too short, but it was beautiful and relaxing all the same.

You can watch my Fansipan Mountain Vlog here

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