New Year 2018

So many things can happen in a year. Like the song in one of my favourite musicals Rent, how do you measure a year? (Bursts into song – “In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights in cups of coffee? In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife?”)

*As soon as I typed that out, I then had to put the song on whilst finishing this post.

I digress…

So much has happened in the past year, where do I begin? From all the highs to all the lows? Facing one of my greatest fears? Traveling alone for a year? Meeting amazing people? Growing as a person? Losing old friends whilst I was away? Missing weddings and birthdays and babies?

It’s impossible to summarise this past year into one small condensed post, so I’ll be splitting it up over the coming days and sharing some seriously deep shit with you guys.

This post, however, is more about what I actually did on New Years eve 2018. For starters, I’m back in my hometown, living back with my parents, working back at my family’s pub, and I ended up going to a party with the same people I did several years ago (not that there’s anything wrong with them) so my head was spinning a little. Did I just step into a time warp? Is this “Groundhog Day”? Was I ever really away? Was it all a dream?

Last year, following the unexpected death of an old friend at the beginning of my trip, and being totally alone in a foreign country, I didn’t go out and party. I spent my New Years eve teetotal and meditating with monks in Northern Thailand.

Well, this year I got steaming drunk. I can’t even remember ringing in the New Year and somehow stumbled my way home at 6:30am. Yeah, talk about contrast.

It was weird because I’d had several plans mucked around and dropped and changed. Anyone who’s ever experienced depression or anxiety will know that all too familiar feeling of not wanting to be in alone, but also not wanting to go out and be around people. I’m glad that I did go out in the end, but I had to swallow my pride and ask around rather than wait to be invited.

Anyway, from what I remember, I had a great time at the decades themed fancy dress party that I went to. I threw together a last-minute outfit in a 40s/50s sort of style with rolled up jeans, bright red heels to match my lipstick, sweeping eyeliner, and a slight bouffant, with a leather jacket thrown over my red polka dot top. Are there any photos?  Unfortunately not!

What did you all do for New Years Eve 2018?

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  1. I lay in bed being all gross and ill and whatnot as I’m sure you’re aware from all of my self-pitying messages, but I tell you what – next year we’ll do something together. Something different so you don’t feel all groundhog day like x

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