Budget Vegan Food – Barcelona

So, it also happens that an old friend of mine moved to Barcelona recently. We seldom see each other, the last time probably being about 5 years ago back in Paris when we met up for a quick drink and a walk around Montmartre.
Once again, life got in the way and we didn’t have much time to catch up before she had to head off for her shift at work. Delphine is vegan, so we popped quite literally round the corner from the Sagrada Família (our meeting point) to a vegan fast food restaurant called La Trocadero.
I know it can be difficult sometimes to find vegan food while traveling, and whilst fast food is not exactly ideal, in my opinion, this is the perfect place to get budget vegan food in Barcelona. Especially if you’re in a rush or just looking for a quick eat option.
You choose a burger or dog from the menu above the order desk or select a combo meal (I think it was around €8.50 for the combo meal) in which case you also choose a side and a drink…

Then you’re given a ticket with a number which they’ll call out when yours is ready. They’ve got some delicious looking nachos covered in guacamole, various salads, vegan hot dogs and vegan nuggets.
The interior of the shop is colourful and quirky with a retro feel and seems to be a popular hang-out.
20180209_143404 (1)
I opted for a falafel burger (which came with vegan cheese, salad, olives and humus) with potato wedges and an organic cloudy lemonade drink. I have to say, it was pretty delicious…

I was pretty impressed, because even though I love vegetables and was a vegetarian for over a year, I’ve always found that vegan food can be very hit and miss. So if you’re vegan and looking for a cheap place to have lunch after sight-seeing in Barcelona and you happen to be in this area, then this is a great place to check out!

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