Perfect Picnic Spot – Mont Salève, Geneva

Recently, I did a short trip with my little sister to Geneva, but to combat the expensive Geneva accommodation costs we stayed just over the border in France. As you may have read in my other post about Geneva, there isn’t a heck of a lot to do round there.

But one of the days we were there, we decided to head up to Mont Salève. Salève is technically a French mountain, part of the subalpine mountain range known as the ‘Préalpes’. However, it straddles both countries, and sprawling directly below Mont Salève is the Swiss city of Geneva.

We hopped on a bus from our French apartment, changing in Geneva and getting a tram through the city. We walked up to the cable car point, where the tickets cost us around €7 and despite my sister’s worst nightmares, we didn’t get stuck suspended in mid-air or crash back down to the bottom. We did have a bit of a bumpy entry as we approached the platform, but no harm done!



The view from Mont Salève is quite beautiful, especially on a sunny clear day, with the blue sky and Lake Geneva stretching out into the far distance. Lots of people were hiking as well, which I didn’t much fancy in 30ºC heat, but if you’re that way inclined, I’m sure you’ll find it a scenic hike!


Mont Salève would make a perfect picnic spot if you’re in Geneva or that part of France. There is a small cafe there, but let’s face it, picnics are much better!

I had bought fresh croissants that morning, and stuffed them with Swiss cheese and cured ham. I Immediately regretted not bringing more picnic food, as the view was so lovely, and I devoured my croissant far too quickly and got bored.


So if you’re looking for things to do in Geneva, pack yourself a picnic full of local goodies (think fresh croissants or bread, Swiss cheese, ham, and summer fruits like strawberries and some refreshments) and head up the mountain…



Where’s the most scenic picnic spot you’ve been to?


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