Bao for breakfast & Petronas​ Towers – Kuala Lumpur

So in a nutshell, I got confused with the dates of when my Indonesian visa would expire.

I found out just by way of passing conversation over dinner with my friend and immediately had to rush back to the hotel at 7pm and make hasty arrangements to get on the night bus and go straight to the airport.

I arrived at Makassar airport at 5:30am and was told I could not buy a ticket until 10am earliest.

When purchasing the ticket, Kuala Lumpur seemed like the least expensive option and so Kuala Lumpur it was.

I booked a place in Chinatown and found this amazing Bao (steamed bun) and dumpling stall that I started going to every day.


For the uninitiated Bao are the most ridiculously soft and fluffy steamed buns you will ever ever find. It’s like a pillowy heaven in your mouth.


You can get two types of fillings: Sweet like kaya (coconut jam)or custard. Savoury like shredded bbq pork or vegetables.



Myself and a girl I met from Finland ended up going at least twice a day, getting them for breakfast and often as afternoon snacks.

I didn’t do too much in Kuala Lumpur as unfortunately I got quite sick and headachey.

We did check out the Petronas towers but after hearing less than optimistic views from other guests about the Batu caves I decided not to bother and just save my money.




Mostly I just waited to recover, occasionally going out for food and a short wander around the markets and to look at Christmas decorations.



Have you ever tried Bao?

If not I strongly recommend you go and find some and then tell me about how happy it made you!

4 Replies to “Bao for breakfast & Petronas​ Towers – Kuala Lumpur”

  1. I tried them at home and some countries in Asia. They are, as you said, soft and heavenly. I prefer with pork and vegetables. They always come in handy when I am on the move or in hurry to be somewhere.


  2. Absolutely adore Bao! I’m determined to get across to Hong Kong this year as there’s a litter restaurant I want to try that makes amazing bao as well as the ones whose name i can’t remember but are basically soup dumplings.


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