Guest post: Building playgrounds & gorilla treks in Uganda, Africa

Hi guys! This is the very first of hopefully many guest posts to be featured on the blog! I first met Ming via a mutual friend, shortly before he took off for his charity trip in Africa.  Below is his experience from volunteering, teaching and trekking for three weeks in Uganda, Africa... There is a tendency [...]

Christmas in The Vaal & The Kruger, South Africa. After we made our way back from Durban, we headed back to The Vaal where we would stay for Christmas. In the days leading up to it we went shopping, in the evenings we went for dinner and drinks. We had started to decorate the house, wrapping the tree with tinsel and baubles and [...]

The Vaal & Sun City, South Africa We stopped at home in The Vaal for a mere evening where we went to a brilliant local Austrian/German restaurant - Dean's Log Inn. C tucked in to pickled eisbein (pickled pork knuckle), I went for cordon bleu chicken, and the others opted for steak. To say the portions were generous may be an [...]

What To Do In Capetown, South Africa

If you're looking for ideas of what to do in Capetown, here's what we got up to for the week... Accommodation Capetown We started our month in South Africa renting a penthouse villa in Capetown via Airbnb, with an infinity overlooking the ocean. The first evening, we hit the main strip of town for [...]