Gediminas’ Tower & The Stebuklas Tile, Vilnius – Lithuania

On my final day in Vilnius, after a lovely (and much needed) lay in, and some paracetamol... (I can’t deal with hangovers these days). We jumped on a bus and then strolled along the river towards Gedimino Pilies bokštas (Gediminas' Tower) and the remnants of the castle, perched on top of a hill opposite the [...]

The Milky Way, Museums & Balthazar – Vilnius, Lithuania

The next day, after sleeping like a log and having a nice lie in, we had tea and and a late breakfast. I also discovered these little beauties… They come in a ridiculous amount of flavours. It’s basically a little bar of sweetened/flavoured cream cheese, covered in chocolate. They are SO good. These ones are [...]