Ultimate Island Paradise – Koh Lipe

An hours boat ride from Langkawi, Koh Lipe is a Thai island with a mixture of Malay and Thai locals.

It’s a small island with no jetty, harking back to my trip to the Gili islands where you have to climb down from the boat and your luggage is passed in a line onto the sand.

Koh Lipe had possibly the softest white sand I had ever put my bare feet on, the Andaman sea was the most gorgeous glistening turquoise, and the weather was sizzling.




It was just what I needed after all the rain that I had had in Langkawi.

There’s a main walking street with shops and bars, selling anything from mango sticky rice to grilled salt fish.



More often than not, most people come to Koh Lipe for a few days and end up staying for much longer.

Although the food was little pricey (as is the case with most islands) there were still inexpensive options and plenty of lovely quirky places to chill with a beer or happy hour cocktails.





The island is the epitome of relaxation with its gorgeous beaches, snorkeling, yoga classes, paddle boards, diving and boat trips.



I stayed at a small hostel called Sang Chan with the best vibe. The lady who ran the place was an absolute gem and the others staying were fantastic fun.

Many nights, we would make salad and have a bqq, play music and sing, dance and laugh the night away.



I took up sunrise yoga every morning at Castaway resort and played with puppies in the sand.



Would I go back?

In a heartbeat!

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